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Biology Students Took Award at a National Level Debate Competition

  • 10 May 2016

Biology students do not just work in the lab, sometimes they have to speak in public. Usually, after lab work is completed, they should tell you what they do and what they produce. On several occasions, they speak in a debate forum. This time, Ruth Fitria (Bio50), Apip Nurdin (Bio49), and Riska Susilowati have a chance to participate in the National Debate Competition organized by the Students Union Bidikmisi in Sumatra. The three students are scholarship-winning student of Bidikmisi.…

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Thank You, bioipb!

  • 19 April 2016

First of all, let me praise gratitude to the almighty Allah SWT. for all the blessings, for the day and moment I have. I would also like to thank all the members of staff at Department of Biology, FMIPA IPB, especially for all my lecturers. Thank you for being such a best lecturer for me. You have given me useful knowledge that is as…

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Oncom Blended Drink as the Winner

  • 6 April 2016

Students of Department of Biology, Meiliana Choiriyah, Rosy Saputri and Apip Nurdin were the 1st winner of AGRI FESTIVAL 2016 that organized by Mahasiswa Peminat Sosial Ekonomi Pertanian (Misekta) - Hasanuddin University, Makassar. AGRI FESTIVAL 2016 was a National Business Plan Competition themed ‘Aksikan Ide Bisnismu Menjadi Wirausaha Pertanian yang…

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Plant Biology held a Stadium General

  • 5 April 2016

On Thursday, March 31th, a stadium general held at Ruang Kuliah RD.02 Sekolah Pascasarjana IPB. In this occassion, Muhammad Arief Budiman Ph.D. spoke about "Genomic: Manfaat dan Masa Depan Pengembangannya". He is an Indonesian citizen scientists who working at Orion Genomic USA. In his speak, he is sharing his experience about molecular markers on the cancer. In addition of molecular markers, he also speak about the application of methyl groups on the reading of…

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The Best Speaker Award of IDEAS Summit 2016 Achieved by Biology Student

  • 13 March 2016

Achievement and more achievements continues coming to Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Bogor Agricultural University. The newest achievement coming from Indonesia Studentpreneur (IDEAS) Summit 2016 (10/3). Apip Nurdin (BIO49) achieved award as the Best Speaker at the event held by Ikatan Mahasiswa Manajemen Universitas Gajah Mada. The event was held for…

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