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Short Seminar of Prof Fukusaki (Osaka University, Japan)

  • 4 May 2017

Prof Eiichiro Fukusaki (Fukusaki Lab, Osaka University, Japan) visited the Department of Biology (03/04/2017) to give a short seminar in metabolomics. Metabolomics is known as the scientific study of the set of metabolites present within an organism, cell, or tissue. In the seminar held at Ruang Kuliah Bio 1.4, Prof Fukusaki explained about the application of metabolomics to high-resolution phenotype analysis, including metabolomics to cancer detection and metabolomics in Luwak coffee assessment.…

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HAYATI Journal of Biosciences: Scopus Indexed Achievement

  • 2 May 2017

HAYATI Journal of Biosciences (HJB) accomplished an achievement as Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) published scientific journal indexed by Scopus, together with Jurnal Media Peternakan. Dr Berry Juliandi, MSi, the Chief Editor of HJB conveyed that HJB since 1994 had published the scientific articles in the field of bioscience starting from the molecular level to the ecosystem and to all kinds of the living things. Since 2005,…

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From Kasetsart to Bogor

  • 14 February 2017

Kasetsart University (KU), Thailand team visited the Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Bogor Agricultural University (13/02). The KU visit was part of international cooperation of Department of Biology which was initiated since 2013. Until now, student exchange and join supervision activity between Department of Biology and KU (Faculty of Sciences) has been established. On this occasion, KU team introduced KU international program in the event titled "Presentation of International Program in…

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Prof. Hiroshi Takagi (NAIST, Japan) Talking about Yeast Genetic Engineering and Its Applications

  • 8 November 2016

Prof. Hiroshi Takagi, the Head of Laboratory of Applied Stress Microbiology of Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), Japan has just given a general lecture on Wednesday, Nov 2nd, 2016 at the Auditorium of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science (FMIPA), Dramaga Campus, Bogor Agricultural University. This lecture was hosted by Dr. Rika…

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Dr. Rika Indri Astuti as Invited Speaker at the 14th International Conference on Yeast - Japan

  • 28 September 2016

One of the academic staff of Department of Biology, Dr. Rika Indri Astuti, M.Si, had been honored to be invited as one of the speakers at the 14th International Congress on Yeast (ICY14), held at Awaji Yumebutai, Kobe, Japan on  11th -15th  September 2016. She reviewed her yeast research in an oral presentation entitled “The important role of radical molecules to modulate antioxidant properties in fission yeast” at a special workshop session, Yeast Fermentation in Asia. This particular…

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