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Vision and Mission

  • Last modified at 29 May 2017


Department of Biology develops knowledge, skill, and biotechnique on biodiversity, biosciences, and biotechnology for industrial, environmental as well as agribusiness applications.


Harmonizing Biodiversity, Biosciences, and Biotechnique for better life. 


To be a center of excellence on undergraduate and graduate programs capable to internationally compete in bioscientific research areas.


To conduct high quality education of undergraduate program in biology and graduate program in microbiology, plant biological sciences, and animal biosciences.

To develop knowledge, skill and biotechniques on biodiversity, biosciences and biotechnology to sustainably manage the Indonesian megadiversity and environment.

Quality Policy

With a high commitment, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Bogor Agricultural University is committed to improving and perfecting the system and the process of continuous learning in order to produce qualified graduates that are relevant to the needs of the community (Quality Policy of FMIPA IPB)


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