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Undergraduate Biology


Vision of Undergraduate Program

The center of excellence in Biology undergraduate program at national level that can compete at international level.


Mission of Undergraduate Program

  1. Organizes education of undergraduate program in Biology with high quality and professional management that consistent with the growth of science and technology.
  2. Develops science in Biology as a foundation to manage biodiversity and for application in biotechnology.
  3. Involves in the development of science and technology that support tropical agriculture and bioindustry, and the management of biodiversity and environment.
  4. Has active roles in continuous national development, particularly human and Indonesian welfare.



The ability to identified the diversity of living organisms and explain processes that lead to biological variation and its responses to environment, and the ability to use basic biological techniques and biotechnology to manage, utilize, and develop biodiversity and environment.


SOP of Undergraduate Student Academic Activity based on SNI ISO 9001:2008

Link about Undergraduate Student Academic Activity Standar Operational Procedure (SOP) based on SNI ISO 9001:2008