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Rural and Urban Biodiversity

  • Last modified at 9 January 2017

Rural and Urban Biodiversity


The course covers applied biosciences on tropical biodiversity, focusing in rural and urban community. The course provides the science behind biodiversity utilization, such as environmental management, agriculture, bioenergy, and biodiversity for specific uses in rural and urban ecosystem. A field trip will be conducted as integrated part of the course.

Learning Outcomes

Students can understand and able to explain tropical biodiversity utilization in rural and urban community. Students also able to explain the biodiversity management for human needs.


  1. Indonesian Land Use and Rehabilitation
  2. Ecosystem Conservation in Indonesia
  3. Organic Farming
  4. Insect Pollinator
  5. Animal Pollinator
  6. Natural Dye for Batik
  7. Natural Dye for Food
  8. Biomass and Waste Utilization for
  9. Renewable Energy Product
  10. Biodiesel from Biomass
  11. Urban Pest
  12. Hydroponic for Urban Farming
  13. Indoor Microbes and Mites
  14. Field Trip


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