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11 Feb

Marini Adani at the International Young Scholars Conference 2016

Based on her experience as a tutor/mentor on children activities at Kampung Udik Cisalada,  Marini Adani (Biologi 50) sent a manuscript entitled Edu-Ecotourism for Better Educational Life to International Young Scholars Conference 2016 (IYSC 2016) with theme Turning Young Scholar into Leaders of… Read more

25 Jan

What do the best IPB Undergraduate Program graduate think of bioipb?

It is one of my prides to be part of Biology IPB so far, I got almost everything I need… Read more

25 Jan

What do the best IPB Master Program graduate think of bioipb?

IPB sebagai salah satu perguruan tinggi terbaik di Indonesia membuat saya bangga menjadi salah satu mahasiswanya. IPB merupakan langkah awal… Read more

19 Jan

Annual Event of Myco Party

Indonesia is known to have remarkable biodiversity of fungi that amount, but the culture of eating mushrooms in society is… Read more

11 Jan

21 Lecturers of Dept. Biology Are Among 1000 Highly Cited Indonesian Scientists

We congratulate 21 of our Lecturer who are listed as 1000 Highly Cited Indonesian Scientists according to Google Scholar Citations… Read more

11 Jan

Brief Report of Summer and Winter Course from Wiwiek Harsonowati (Master Student/MIK)

First of all, I would like to express my thankfulness to my academic supervisor Prof. Dr. Aris Tri Wahyudi, M.Si… Read more

11 Jan

First day of the Summer Course in Ethnomedicine (IPB - Univ. of Sydney)

Today is the first day of the Summer Course in Ethnomedicine. This event is collaboration activity between Bogor Agricultural University… Read more

19 Nov

It's Awesome! Lomba Cepat Tepat Biologi (2015)

One of the biggest biology competition event for high school students in Indonesia “Lomba Cepat Tepat Biologi” (LCTB) was held… Read more


Bioipb Website Achievement

We would like to thank you for your support until today so our website achieved the best department website in FMIPA IPB and the 4th best ‚Äčdepartment website in IPB based on Lomba Web IPB 2015. Thank You and Congratulation! Source  

SUIJI Service Learning Program 2016 OPEN REGISTRATION

Dear Biologist! Do you want have another great experience this year? Firstly,  you can ask Immas or Reksa about las year SUIJI Program. Moreover, navigate here to find the adventure of Immas in Japan. Don't  waste your time. Prepare yourself. Click for more info. 

ON MIPA PT 2016 Guide

Again, Olimpiade Nasional  Matematika  dan  Ilmu  Pengetahuan Alam Perguruan Tinggi (ON MIPA-PT) 2016, the 2016 Mathematics and Natural Sciences National Olympiads - College Level, will be conducted at February until May 2016. Last year, Department of Biology and IPB team grabbed 7 medals. IPB Selection Registration:  9-15 Februari 2016 (online registration at Selection: 16 Februari 2016 (16.00-18.00)…

J-PAC (Japan Program at Chiba University) Fall Semester 2016

for undergraduate students, minimum at the 2nd year Program duration: October 2016-February 2017 Check your eligibility in these two following programs : (1) International Liberal Arts Program (2) Japanese Studies Program Program Information: Application procedure: (a) submit all application documents in a clear plastic folder to DITMAWA by February…

[TUJP]: Tohoku University Japanese Program, Summer 2016

Program Period : TUJP-1: 4-19 July 2016 TUJP-2: 25 July-9 August 2016 About the Program: This summer intensive program provides students of our partner institutions with an opportunity to discover Japan through diverse learning experiences in English. The program offers intensive Japanese language classes for both beginner and pre-intermediate learners,…

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