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23 Apr

COMING SOON: Bionic 2015

Indonesia has abundance and potential nature resources, by large creature’s like Sumatera elephants, the tiniest primates in the world, there goes to food and horticulture plants. The biodiversity have to keep safe and manage optimally to gain the benefit by… Read more

12 Apr

Prof. Dr. Ir. Suharsono in Kick Off Meeting for Top Global University Project in NAIST, Japan

Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) held a symposium with the theme ‘kick off meeting for… Read more

12 Apr

Collaboration of IPB and Gowa Regency Goverment, South Sulawesi

On  April 6, 2015,  IPB team that consisted of  Rector, Prof. Herry Suhardiyanto, Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs,… Read more

1 Apr

Sendok Hitam, Java Cobra (Naja sputatrix)

Sputatrix or Java Cobra Naja is a high venomous snakes. This snake could be hemotoksik or damaging blood cells and… Read more

1 Apr

Prof. Dr Aris Tri Wahyudi M. Si. Uses Indigenous Bacteria to Promote Plant Growth

Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) are the soil bacteria inhabiting around/on the root surface and are directly or indirectly involved in promoting… Read more

26 Mar

IPB PARE Spring School

(Adapted from IPB website) Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) together with Hokkaido University, Thamasat University, Chulalongkorn University, Kasetsart University, Universitas Gadjah Mada… Read more

25 Mar

Initiation of Faculty of Sciences Universiteit Leiden – Department of Biology IPB Collaboration

Today, March 25, 2015,Department of Biology, Bogor Agricultural University have a meeting with Faculty of Sciences, Universiteit Leiden, Netherlands. This… Read more

10 Mar

Ordo Odonata, Subordo Anisoptera, Malino, South Sulawesi

The Order Odonata had quite large numbers of members and easily recognizable. It had two pairs of wings and are… Read more


INVITATION: Guest Lecture Seminar (27 & 28 April 2015)

We invite you to join our Guest Lecture Seminar on 27 and 28 April 2015:   Spatial Modelling in Bioscience Perspective* Prof. Dr. I Nengah Surati Jaya, M.Agr (Faculty of Forestry - IPB, Indonesia) Monday, 27th April 2015. 9.30 AM - 12.00 PM International Seminar Room, Lv 4, FPIK IPB…

CONGRATULATION! Two Biology Staff Members as 2015 FMIPA 'Tenaga Kependidikan Berprestasi'

CONGRATULATION! Two Department of Biology staff members have been elected as 2015 FMIPA 'Tenaga Kependidikan Berprestasi'. Here listed the name of our staffs: Yulianida, S.Sos in financial management Yenny Rosmalawaty in administration You very well deserve this congrats for your hard work and dedication. Congratulations on your success. 

CONGRATULATION! Prof. Dr. Ir. Suharsono DEA as 2015 FMIPA Best Lecturer

CONGRATULATION!  Prof. Dr. Ir. Suharsono DEA as 2015 FMIPA Best Lecturer. You very well deserve this congrats for your hard work and dedication. Congratulations on your success. 

CONGRATULATION! 2015 ON MIPA (Biology) Regional Selection Result

Based on DIKTI announcement in this page, here listed Biology - ON MIPA IPB delegation that have a right to participate ON MIPA national selction (24 - 28 May 2015).  EKKY ILHAM ROMADHONA MASHUDI (G34110006) MUHAMMAD UMAR SAID MUKSINI MUHAMMAD FADHIL AMIN (G34110083) WENANG MAHARSIWI (G34130013) Futhermore, please fill in questionaire…

Pengarahan Studi Lapangan (SL) 2015

Diberitahukan kepada mahasiswa semester 4 (Angkatan 50) Departemen Biologi IPB bahwa pada hari Kamis Tanggal 16 April 2015 akan diadakan pertemuan dengan Panitia Studi Lapang (SL)  Departemen Biologi,  bertempat di Laboratorium Bio 5 pukul 16.00- selesai. Demikian agar diperhatikan, terimakasih. 

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