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ASEAN University Network Quality-Assurance (AUN-QA) - Department of Biology

AUN-QA Document

Assessment Result

Based on the assessment results, the Bachelor of Bachelor of Science with Honour in Biology Programme fulfilled with the AUN-QA requirements. 

Introduction to AUN-QA

In this globalized world,  higher educational institutions not only have to meet the increasing market demand for people with the ability to work in different cross-cultural settings, but also carry with them the mission of nurturing academic excellence and professional advancement. 
ASEAN must strive for quality assurance networking development as a mechanism to reach and maintain a high standard of education, not just for one particular country, but for the ASEAN region as a whole. 
There have been strong QA movements in ASEAN in recent years in response to the liberalization of education and the need for standard education.  Governments of ASEAN countries have prioritized QA in education as a national agenda. Individual universities set up their own quality criteria,  partly in consultation with other institutions at the national and international levels.  At  the  regional  level,  the  ASEAN University  Network’s initiative for  the  establishment  of  binding  QA  standards  among its member universities represents a pioneering move. 
The  ASEAN  University  Network’s  efforts  to  set  up  a  standard  quality  assurance system  originated  from  the need to improve  quality amid  globalization,  realising  that the fastest way for us to grow is to start a long QA journey together. 
The  creation  of  the  ASEAN  University  Network-Quality  Assurance (AUN-QA)  was initiated  in  1998  by  the  first Chairman  of  the  AUN  Board  of  Trustees  (AUN-BOT), Professor  Dr.  Vanchai  Sirichana,  who  believes  that  it will help all higher education institutions in ASEAN attain and maintain their high standard of education. And in the 
highly  competitive,  globalised  world  of  education,  quality  assurance  helps  bridge  the gaps among individual institutions with diverse cultures and resources. 

(as stated at Preface of ASEAN University Network Guideline; more information)


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