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Student Body

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Student Body

The student body of the department is 450 (S1), 180 (S2) and 30 (S3) students. In addition, the Department of Biology is also servicing courses in Biology  for  all  freshment students  (3700  students)  at  IPB  and  several  courses,  such  as  Botany, Microbiology, and Introduction to Plant Physiology to students (450 students) taking major in Faculty of Agriculture. 

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Student Dormitory

International Student

Name Study Program Enrollment Year
Non Vide Nicolas Adiko Plant Biology (S2) 2015
Takashima Yusuke Microbiology (S2) 2012
Saki Shingaki Microbiology (S2) 2013
Adeel Abdul Karim Altuhish Plant Biology (S3) 2011

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