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Department of Biology was historically formed from the integration of Botany Division, Faculty of Agriculture and Zoology Division, Faculty of Veterinary, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). The establishment of Department of Biology was together with the establishment of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences by Rector of IPB decree with formal letter No. 121/1982 on 29 December 1982 and Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia with formal letter No. 0546/O/1983 on 8 December 1983. The most recent license to held bachelor and postgraduate degrees is letter of the Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education No. 151/DIKTI/KEP/2007.

Based on decree of IPB Rector No. 001/K13/PP/2005, the Department of Biology IPB has a mandate to develop basic science and technology in the field of biology that underlies the management and development of biodiversity and the environment. Therefore, the goal is to produce a Bachelor of Science on Biology with competences: "Being able to identify the diversity of living things and able to explain the processes that lead to their biodiversity and response to the environment, and being able to utilize the basic techniques of biology and biotechnology to manage, utilize, and develop biodiversity and the environment".

Department of Biology has held Biology Study Program for Bachelor degree (S1) since academic year 1981/1982, and the first graduation of Bachelor degree was in December 1984. The department also held postgraduate program for Master (S2) and Doctoral (S3) degree. There are three study programs of Master degree i.e. Microbiology, Plant Biology, and Animal Biosciences; and also three study programs of Doctoral degree (S3) i.e. Microbiology, Biology Plant, and Animal Biosciences. All seven study programs at the Department of Biology are accredited “A” (Excellent) by The National Accreditation Council of Higher Education, Republic of Indonesia (BAN-PT).

The department also develops and implements research and community services on biological science areas. Since its establishment, the department always follows current higher education policy in Indonesia. In new paradigm of higher education management, sustainable self-evaluation has to be implemented with high commitment for the quality improvement to achieve the goals of education. Targeting undergraduate program of Biology is referred to the Rector's decrees No. 005/I3/OT/2008 and 006/I3/OT/2008 about quality goals and IPB Quality Assurance System, respectively. Both decrees are compiled and described the Standards and Quality Assurance System of Bachelor degree programs at Bogor Agricultural University.

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