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Arsip Pengumuman Mei 2016

Seminar dan Workshop Nasional - BIONIC 2016: Medical application of Stem Cell

  • 11 Mei 2016

Himpunan Mahasiswa Biologi (HIMABIO) Institut Pertanian Bogor


"National Seminar and Workshop"


'Medical application of Stem Cell'


Stem cell application is one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs that could potentially be the ultimate solution to many health issues.

Featuring experts and one of the best stem cell researchers in Indonesia.

*including the Top 5 finalist of the Essay Writing Competition from schools and universities all across Indonesia.

The event will be held on :

- Sunday, May 29th 2016


       - Auditorium CCR IPB

       - 07.00 -15.30

       - IDR 35.000

          (Limited to 320 participants)



      -Teaching Lab IPB

      - 07.00 - 11.30

      - (FULL)


*online tickets can be accessed on

*further information are included in the poster


All participants will receive:

 - Seminar kits

 - Certificates

 - Snack

 - Lunch