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CONGRATULATION! We Won some 2015 Pasca Cup Titles

  • 4 Juni 2015
  • Terakhir diubah pada 4 Juni 2015

Sunday, May 31, 2015, 2015 Pasca Cup event has come to an end. It is an annual graduate student competition held by Forum Wacana IPB. The closing ceremony housed in Nasution Abdul Muis Auditorium of FATETA and was attended by all Pasca Cup 2015 participants, the chief of each organization, and Prof. Nahrowi (Vice Dean of IPB Graduate Schol).

In seven part of the competition, thanks to God Almighty, Department of Biology and FMIPA team won achievements. FMIPA Futsal Team took the first place that printing the highest score. The Ladies Tugging War Team (tim tarik tambang putri) also won first place in the competition. In Cooking Contest competition, the Team reached fifth place. The Best Supporter title achived by our supporter team. Also, in Photography Contest, we won the most favorite and the best picture title. Harmony and sportsmanship that tied among all the participants are the reasons that this can be achieved. Hopefully in the next competition Biology and FMIPA will bring more achievements. Congratulation!

Yulia Amira

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