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ON MIPA-PT 2016: Medal Tradition Continued

  • 2 Juni 2016
  • Terakhir diubah pada 24 Agustus 2016

Department of Biology ON MIPA - PT (Olimpiade Nasional Bidang MIPA - Perguruan Tinggi) team continuing medal tradition in the competition. This year the Department achieved 3 medals, 1 silver medal and 2 bronze medals. The medalists are EKKY ILHAM ROMADHONA (Silver Medal), WENANG MAHARSIWI (Bronze Medal), and SISWADI AJI HUTOMO (Bronze Medal).

In the event held on 24-26 May 2016 in Kartika Chandra Hotel Jakarta, the Department team were composed of five brilliant students who already passed regional selection of ON MIPA - PT. They were Siswadi Aji Hutomo, Fahamah Syarifa, Ekky Ilham Romadhona, Ismael Shaleh, and Wenang Maharsiwi. Ekky Ilham Romadhona was silver medalist in the last event. Meanwhile, this year event was the second time for Wenang Maharsiwi. The other IPB team, also achieved some medals. The Chemistry team achieved 2 bronze medals and the Physiscs team honorable mention. 

Department of Biology officially congratulate for IPB ON MIPA - PT team achievement: "well done on making us proud. Your accomplishments are indeed no mean feat". Congratulation! Thank you for the cooperation of all parties that support the success of this team.

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