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A Warm Hello to All Students: Enjoy Every Second of Your College Years

  • 16 Juni 2016
  • Terakhir diubah pada 3 Agustus 2016

How are you today? What is your activity now? Is it related to biology, or, perhaps not. Please, tell us.
I am doing good thank you, I am currently doing my PhD in Microbial Ecology, in Netherlands. My research focus on the significance of bacteriophage in bacterial-interactive with fungi, their ecology and evolution. 

What was your most memorable experience at the Department of Biology? 
My most memorable experience would be, came to class with 60-ish people (people coming from all over Indonesia, in it's itself is the most memorable experience), done experimental works and had a sleepless nights for reports

Aside from subject matter, what did you learn from your university experience?
I learned to be critial in doing a research

What kind of career-focused transferable skills did you acquire through your program? How have these skills helped you in your career or graduate studies?
I would say, I have learned the basics of every biology subject there is. Instead it would be a good idea to allow each student to develop their own interest, thus use it for their own purpose in the future. In doing so, it will not go against any agreement nor refuse the system that has long established. But considering on how many different subjects are offered and the depth I eventually had to learn, it would be more efficient and usefull for the student, to be given the freedom to choose the type of subject or field they want to dig deep into or develop, so hopefully at the end of their study they have developed the skills they needed for whatever they had in mind (for work/grad school). The collective knowledge I have learned and personal growth I have gone through along the way has helped me to build the basic foundation for my phd.

Finally, what is the one piece of advice you would give to future students of the Department?
No matter how brightest you are in your class, it is your determination; your resilience; your grit; the way you always see the positive side of yourself (and others) to grow and learn; and always always be humble; and treat yourself and others with kindness that would take you to the places you wanted to go and to be the person you always wanted to be. Enjoy every second of your collage years, and have some fun too.


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