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Short Seminar of Prof Fukusaki (Osaka University, Japan)

  • 4 Mei 2017
  • Terakhir diubah pada 4 Mei 2017

Prof Eiichiro Fukusaki (Fukusaki Lab, Osaka University, Japan) visited the Department of Biology (03/04/2017) to give a short seminar in metabolomics. Metabolomics is known as the scientific study of the set of metabolites present within an organism, cell, or tissue. In the seminar held at Ruang Kuliah Bio 1.4, Prof Fukusaki explained about the application of metabolomics to high-resolution phenotype analysis, including metabolomics to cancer detection and metabolomics in Luwak coffee assessment. Prof Fukusaki also gives a chance to at least 50 attendances to discuss after the talk.
After the seminar, Prof Fukusaki meet Dr. Rika Raffiudin, Department of Biology executive secretary, and have a little chat about the bee and it metabolomics research opportunity. Lunch session and some discussion in further collaboration between Osaka University and IPB were the last agenda of Prof Fukusaki visit in IPB. In his visit to Indonesia, Prof Fukusaki accompanied by Dr. Sastia Putri (Fukusaki Lab, Osaka University, Japan).
The seminar was initiated by Dr. Berry Juliandi of Department of Biology and fully supported by Department of Chemistry and Biopharmaca Research Center.

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