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AUN-QA Assessment to Improve the Quality of Biology Study Program

  • 1 Juni 2017
  • Terakhir diubah pada 1 Juni 2017

“Your students speak English well”, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Quang Minh (Vietnam National University) said it in front of the Department of Biology AUN-QA SAR (ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance Self-Assessment Report) writer (31/05). Together with Dr Marife V Narcida (University of Santo Tomas, Philippine), they are assessors of AUN-QA Assessment who assess AUN-QA SAR of Department Biology document and the site visit to the Department was from 30 May until 31 May 2017. In two days assessment, the assessors have conducted series interviews with the faculty members, students, alumni, alumni users, and Department of Biology AUN-QA SAR writer. The last interview was conducted with the Department of Biology AUN-QA SAR writer to confirm or clarify data collected from the document and previous interview. In addition to the interview, the assessor also made a visit to the Department of Biology facilities such as laboratories, faculty member workplaces, classrooms, and greenhouses.

“We need to do this as our effort to improve our education quality”, Dr. Ir. Iman Rusmana M.Si. (head of the department) said about the assessment. The assessment in the department was the part of the 82nd AUN Quality Assessment at Program Level in Bogor Agricultural University. Biology Study Program is the first study program in Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences that take a part in AUN-QA Assessment.

After two days assessment in the Department, on 1st June, a closing meeting held in IPB International Conference Center to conclude the assessment result. The strength and area of improvement of 3 study programs were explained by the AUN-QA Assessor.  Biology Study Program have the strength in good ELOs (Expected Learning Outcomes) formula, program specification and structure, academic advisor, intensive lab works and reports, various methods of student assessments, internship, qualified faculty members, good student/faculty members ratio, qualified support staff, adequate teaching and research facilities, audited support services, and established – monitored graduates and alumni. Beside of the strength, the department also suggested the area of improvement enhance the quality of Biology Study Program.

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