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Biology Study Program, IPB University Receive ASIIN International Acreditation

  • 30 Oktober 2023
  • Terakhir diubah pada 14 November 2023

Biology Study Program (S1), IPB University has once again shown its academic quality in global standard as seen in the International accreditation ASIIN a given to this undergraduate study program for full time (valid from 22 September 2023 and limited until 30 September 2029)-download certificate.

ASIIN (Akkreditierungsagentur für Studiengänge der Ingenieurwissenschaften, der Informatik, der Naturwissenschaften und der Mathematik) is an international accreditation agency from Germany for engineering, mathematics and science, agriculture, and biology disciplines. Its accreditation is Outcome Based Accreditation.

With this result, increased quality is expected in terms of education, international suitability and recognition, and accountability to society to realise IPB University’s vision as world class university.

Meanwhile, the accreditation also indicates that Biology Study Program IPB University have met international standards. This result was not just the key of perfomance indicator, but also could be the foundation and motivation for the department to become center of excellence, particularly in the subject of tropical biology in the world.

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