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What do the best IPB Undergraduate Program graduate think of bioipb?

  • 25 Januari 2016
  • Terakhir diubah pada 26 Januari 2016

It is one of my prides to be part of Biology IPB so far, I got almost everything I need to improve my potencies here. There is unforgettable moment when I came to the first Cell Biology class taught by Dr. Achmad Farajallah because until the class over that day, I understand nothing, and felt inferior that time. I realized that I need to “go for extra miles” to compete and cooperate with my classmates which all look fine with the class. Since that, I start forcing myself to study more and more before I finally found my passion. I do such tough activities day by day and it changes to be my habit, I became passionate to know more and newest update of biological issues. From this point, I want to say that loving something you do is essential to reach your success.

Admittedly, Department of Biology always serving it’s best for their students. Highly-qualified lecturer, fairly complete research laboratories, center of culture collection, International rated scientific journal, and many other thing that can make me easily love biology. It also offering me wide range of research topic from specific molecular to the complex environmental subjects so that I can grow up with my suitable choice. More importantly, the class atmosphere was so good, I have open-minded friend to discuss something. We created memorable four year history together, practiced new thing together and understanding our own path one another.

Now, I have graduated from this beloved campus, I will face new environments with new challenges involve it. With all knowledge I gotten, with all networking I built, and with all skill I experienced to, I feel better and bolder to face future. Thanks for this breathtaking memories, it is good time to start applying your given-knowledge for better Indonesia. 


Undergraduate Program in Biology

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