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House of Mushroom

  • Last modified at 24 August 2016

Mushroom house is a semi-autonomous support unit under the Department of Biology. Mushroom house trying to develop mycology, mushroom biotechnology - includes its conservation, in IPB. Mushroom houses established various cooperation with the National Working Group of Mushroom in Indonesia (Pokjanas Jamindo), Consortium in Development of Rural Area Based on Local Products (Mushroom) Bandung regency, academicians, researchers, students, farmers, and entrepreneurs. Currently mushroom houses release various excellent products have been developed, including Wei Qi (soups, sauces, and condiments) and the origin of fungal biopesticides. Both of these products have been successfully patented.


Develop tropical macro-fungi based research as a driver of agricultural development


  • Develop knowledge (inventory and identification) associated to tropical fungus diversity, benefits, and domestication.
  • Develop highly competitive products (food, medicine, and bio pesticides) based on tropical fungi.
  • Optimization of tropical mushroom cultivation waste as animal feed and fertilizer.


Training mushrooms in breeding, cultivation, and its product.


  • Identification
  • Provision of culture / isolates
  • Cooperation Research
  • Products


Contact: Mushroom Houses - IPB Darmaga Campus, Bogor 16 880, Indonesia, Tel. / Fax: (0251) 8627378. E-mail:

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