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Independent Campus- Freedom to Learn

  • Last modified at 8 February 2023

The Purpose of Independent Campus- Freedom to Learn Program:

  • To Support learning process in Universities to be more autonomus and flexible
  • To provide creative and innovative- learning culture


Guideline Book: Download here


Open Registration for Internship Program


1.7th semester students of the Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics adn natural Sciences, IPB University

2. Curriculum Vitae

3. Academic Transcript

4. Parental Approval Letter

5. Letter of Approval for Academic Advisors

6. Internship Application Letter

Important Dates:

1. Interview : 28 - 30 August 2021

2. Announcement: 30 August 30 2021

3. Implementation of the internship: 6 September - 17 December 2021

4. Activity reporting: 18-24 December 2021

Credit Earning Activities: 16 credits (4 months)

Place and Position:

1. PT AAG : Field Biologist in Pest Control (Jakarta, Bogor,  Tangerang, Karawang, 

     Bandung, Semarang,  DI Yogyakarta, Surabaya)

2. CV Esha Flora : Managerial of Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory (Bogor)

3. PT Nectars Natura Karya : Logistic and Production Staff, Content Creator, 

     Field Biologist in Farm (Bogor)

4. PT Beema Boga Arta : Field Biologist in Beekeeping (Bogor)


Redistration period :  20 -27 Agustus 2021



Kuliah Kerja Nyata Tematik (KKN-T)/ Project in The Village 2021

KKN-T Guideline book: download here
Preparation KKNT material  : download here 
Procedures  : download here 
Role of Supervisor: download here  
Integrating Enterpreuner activity in KKNT  : download here


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