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7 Dec

Dept. Biology Achievements in National Seminar in Research and Community Services 2019

Congratulation!!!!  Dept. Biology reach some reputable achievements through Dr. Berry Juliandi et al.  as the best oral presenter and Dr. Rika Indri Astuti et al. as the best poster presenter, in category of Biology and Health, at the "National Seminar… Read more

27 Nov

Empowerment of the forest honey bee farmers

Typical behavior of Apis dorsata, the giant honey bees, migrates annually to a blooming area, particularly forest all over Asia.… Read more

27 Nov

Belitung Regent Has Officially Opened the MCSTO IPB-ForMIND International Conference 2019

Belitung Regent, H. Sahani Saleh, S. Sos officially opened the MCSTO IPB ForMIND 2019 international meeting (Monday, 28 October 2019)… Read more

14 Nov

Department of Biology IPB, Inaugurates 2 Field Research Stations in Belitung

In collaboration between the Department of Biology, Monitoring Center Sustainable Tourism Observatory (MCSTO) IPB, and Belitong Geopark, 2 field research… Read more

14 Nov

Students from 6 Countries Learn Biodiversity through the Summer Course Bio-Geo of Belitong Geopark

Department of Biology in collaboration with MCSTO IPB, Belitong Geopark, Belitung Regency Government, and Nottingham University, has successfully held Summer… Read more

14 Nov

SMA Negeri 1 Tanjungpandan and MA Muhammadiyah Gantung, Belitung, exploring Biodiversity

Department of biology has implemented a community services program held on Wednesday, October 23, 2019, in SMA Negeri 1 Tanjungpandan,… Read more

12 Jul

Introducing Biopori, Citizens of Babakan Kembar, Situ Gunung Ready to Dig Some Holes

"This introduction is very useful. Our residents are excited to see the demonstration given, "said Juarma, the chairman of Babakan… Read more

12 Jul

Exploring Situ Gunung, Department of Biology is Ready to Update Biodiversity Data and Its Potency

“If I can detail observe some color that appeared in a plant, I can also observe our bright future in… Read more


Student Thesis Defence, 13 Desember 2019

Name : Elena Theana Student Registration Number : G34150036 Supervisors : Dr. H a m i m; Dr. Yohana Caecilia Sulistyaningsih; Dr. Sri Listyowat Title: Anatomical Growth Response and Pb Accumulation in Sunan Candlenut Plants Grown on Media Containing Gold Mine Tailings Combined with Dark Septate Endophyte Fungal Inoculation Time…

Student Thesis Defence, 12 Desember 2019

Name : Muhammad Fadhil Ivan Makky Student Registration Number : G34150086 Supervisors : Dr. H a m i m; Dr. Sulistijorini; Prof. Dr. Ir. Lisdar A.Manaf Title: Morphological Response of Sunan Candlenut and Jatropha Plant Getting Dark Septate Endophyte Fungi Treatment to Gold Mine Tailings Treatment Time : 13.00 -…

Student Thesis Defence, 11 Desember 2019

Name : Tiara Suci Student Registration Number : G34150043 Supervisors : Dr.H a m i m; Dr.  Yohana Caecilia Sulistyaningsih; Dr. Bambang Suryobroto Title: Pb Metal Accumulation and Jatropha Morfo-Anatomy Response in Gold Mine Tailings Media with Inoculation of DSE Fungi (Dark Septate Endophytes) Time : 13.00 - 15.00 WIB…

Student Thesis Defence, 10 Desember 2019

Nama  : Siswadi Aji Hutomo NIM     : G34150070 Pembimbing         :Prof. Dr. Aris Tri Wahyudi, Dr. Alina Akhdiya, Dr. Achmad Farajallah Judul karya ilmiah :Diversity of Rhino Atmospheric Actino Bacteria Nitrogen-fixing Corn Waktu  : 09.00 - 11.00 WIB Tempat : Ruang Sidang 3, Departemen Biologi

Student Thesis Defence, 6 Desember 2019

Nama  : Galuh Adhiyaksa Ashari NIM     : G34150056 Pembimbing         :Prof. Dr. Aris Tri Wahyudi, Dr. Munti Yuhana, Dr. Achmad Farajallah Judul karya ilmiah :The ability of marine bacteria producing bioactive compounds in controlling vibriosis in shrimp Waktu  : 13.30 - 15.30 WIB Tempat : Ruang Sidang 3, Departemen Biologi

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