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CRC B09: Student Seminar

  • 24 February 2015
  • Last modified at 24 February 2015

Another CRC Seminar held by collaboration of Department of Biology and CRC (Collaborative Research Center) on Tuesday, 2/24/2015, at International Room FPIK IPB. The main theme of this seminar was related to aboveground patterns of biodiversity and associated ecosystem processes across tropical rainforest transformations. Three speakers explained their research in this occasion. First, Lisa Denmead, Department of Crop Sciences, Georg-August University Gottingen, Germany, spoke about biodiversity lost related to oil palm plantation and management of homegardens in Indonesia. Second speaker, Rosi Fitri Ramadani, Department of Biology IPB, explained about stingless bee in two type of land use. The last speaker, Ratna Rubiana, Department of Plant Protection IPB, explained about ant communities.

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