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A Solitary Macaca

  • 17 December 2015
  • Last modified at 24 August 2016

In the morning of Saturday, December 5th, 2015, Observasi Wahana Alam (OWA) Division of Himabio IPB is conducting observation campus. We make this observations starting from the blue corner, then pass Al-Hurriyah, and the last destination to the rektorat park area. When we reached the SEAFAST, we do birdwatching among big trees there and take the picture of many beautiful birds. After that, we continue the journey pass through a small street just before the motorcycle parking area in LSI. When i was down the stairs, I saw there was a Macaca fascicularis or better known as long-tailed monkeys that were hanging on the branches of large trees.

Which are interesting, he was playing alone without being surrounded group. During this time, the long-tailed monkey known as primates always live in groups. This is the first time I found long-tailed monkeys were wandering alone casually beside the LSI library. In the surrounding area of ​​IPB, long-tailed monkeys are usually found in the pool bus, near the rektorat park. Their new habits that destroy the equipment and bite the hanging cables which they found in the bus parking area. They've slowly into animals destroyer because of reduced habitat due to human activities were not responsible.

-Anindya Rizky-

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