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Rakorwil Ikahimbi Java 1 Region and Seminar of Otter

  • 18 March 2015
  • Last modified at 21 April 2015

Indonesian Biology Student Association (IKAHIMBI) of region Java 1 held the event series in February 21st to 22nd, 2015. In the first day, there was a coordination meeting for Java 1 region. In the coordination meeting, each division of the association Java 1 region presented their 1-year progress report. Futhermore, they discussed a planning for the next period by adding and changing the past programs. They also decided the delegation from Java 1 region to join national coordination meeting in Mataram University. The meetings were divided into several series such as region discussion (Muswil), work meeting region (Rakerwil), region coordination meeting (Rakorwil) and National coordination meeting (Rakornas).

In the second day, the seminar of otter was conducted in Auditorium FATETA Abdul Muis Nasution IPB. It started from early morning and attracted many students not only from members of IKAHIMBI but also from non-members. The seminar began from registration and followed by opening ceremony, opening speaker and performance of saman dance from Biology IPB. After the entertainment finished, it continued to a talkshow about otter as the main topic. The invited speaker is from institution of Wetland International. The topic of otter was selected to attract young scientist, which should be care more about otter. There were lot misunderstandings about otter definition for some peoples. Some peoples in Indonesia always call Beaver (Castor fiber) for berang-berang, while the correct one is otter. The invited speaker confirmed that berang-berang in Indonesia language should be called otter, which is divided into many species, e.x. Berang-berang utara (Lutra lutra), bulu licin (Lutrogale perspicilatta), hidung berbulu (Lutra sumatrana) and many others. The news about otter is barely reported. Most organizations focus to talk the conservation of threated animals such as tiger and rhinoceros. Meanwhile there are others animals, which should be concerned such as otter. In this talkshow, the audience is very excited to listen the otter history and the background of otter conservation. In the discussion session, there were a lot of audiences asking question to the speaker. After talkshow, there was acoustic performance from Biology IPB. They also played Cintaku from Chrisye and Fukai Mori from Do as Infinity (a group from Japan). Through this seminar, hopefully university students encouraged to learn otter from the habitat, conservation and sustainability research. 

(Windra P, translator)

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