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Biology Shares Loves

  • 10 June 2015
  • Last modified at 11 June 2015

Sunday, 31st May 2015, the students of Biology 49 of IPB held their second charity event (Bakti sosial) at IPB's Bus Pool field. The theme for this event was "Biologi Berbagi Cinta" (Biology Shares Love). The event started at 08.15 WIB, and was attended by the foster kids and their guardians from the villages around IPB. Mr. Mafrikhul Muttaqin M.Si., one of Biology's lecturer also attended this event as a guest of honour. 

One of the memorable moment in this event was the opening, which was done with Dhuha pray together with all the muslim participants. The event was led by, the most phenomenal Master of Ceremony, Gigis Lian Sari and Brian Theowidavitya and followed by Al-Qur'an reciting by Mida Laila Pisema (Student of Biology Dept., one of the IPB delegates for 2015 National MTQ - musabaqoh tilawatil quran). Last but not least was the opening speech from the Charity Head of Crew (Febrian Eka Wijaya) and the head of Himabio (Biology Student Council), Ahmad Arnian Putra, that excite the spirit of the participants that day. 

One of the fun agenda in this Charity event was Games Time. The crew and the participants conjoined in groups for the games, which are The Chanting Competition, Marbles Relay, and Nails-Bottles. All of the participants was so excited when playing the games. Other than games, another fun agenda was The Meal Time.  All the crew and participants circling around to have lunch together. 

The crew also prepared doorprize for the participants as rewards for the winner groups. As the sun went up, the event came to an end. The event closed with prayer led by Eka Setiawan and gift presenting event from the Biology Departement to the participants. The goal of this charity event was to familiarize the members of Biology 49 with each other and to share with the foster kids. We do hope that this is not the last charity event held by Biology 49 or even better, held it as an annual event and become a model event for the juniors in Biology Department.

See you on the next Biology 49's Charty event.~Thanks to all the members of Biology 49, All participants of ths Charity events, and Biology Department

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