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Joint Iftar of Biology Students Class “49 in Kasgoro Orphanage

  • 20 July 2014
  • Last modified at 30 April 2015

Ramadhan is a month with fully of blessings. During the month of Ramadhan, we are trained to endured hunger and thirst, anger, and all the things that can break the fast. In addition, we are also taught to be able to share and lighten the burden of others. All of that has been done by students of Biology IPB class 49 (2012). Exactly on Thursday, July 17th, 2014, students of Biology IPB took joint iftar and gave donations (in collaboration with TPB Dormitory IPB) to the orphans in the orphanage Kosgoro, Ciampea, Bogor. This activity aims to established a relationship with the communities around the IPB campus and trained students to more caring to others. Chief Commitee of this event is Achmad Alfiyan.

At 05:00 pm, the students arrived at Kosgoro orphanage complex and was greeted warmly by this orphanage. The event was opened by students who is guided by Dilla and Nursyahidah. Furthermore, the melodious strains of Eka Setiawan who recited Al Qur’an filled the event room. Ahmad Arnian Putra represented Biology IPB students gave a speech and an explanation of the purpose and objective of this events.  Mr Syahrial, as leader of the orphanage, welcomed the aims and purposes. The event continued with the introduction of studens of Biology and resident in the orphanage.

When the azan Maghrib was  echoed, introductory session temporarily suspended and continued with  drank fruit soup together that had been prepared by a committee of consumption. After Maghrib, introductory event was resumed while enjoying the evening meal. At the end, students gave donations in the form of groceries and stationery to the orphanage symbolically conducted by Leader of  BIO ’49 students, Apip Nurdin. The event was officially closed with a prayer by Eka Setiawan and closing statement by the host. Hopefully this program became useful and could raise awareness of students for others.

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