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Double Degree Program Cooperation: Indonesia-France

  • 16 September 2014
  • Last modified at 28 April 2015

Initiation of double degree cooperation Indonesia-France (DDIP) has started. Prof. Suharsono, head of The Physiology and genetics of plants that also Counselors as the main one of the students who follow the program, Retno Lestari from PS plant biology (BOT), has conducted a visit to CIRAD (International Center for Agriculture Research and Development) and SupAgro (College of Agriculture) Montpellier, France, on 13-August 27, 2014. On the visit, Professor Suharsono do direct monitoring of research students and held a session of the Commission (scientific meeting) which was attended by Dr. Pascal Montoro (CIRAD) as a supervisor and Dr. Frederique Aberlenc from IRD (International Research for Development) which act as evaluators Sdri study progress. Retno (at SupAgro) did a good discussion by teleconferences with supervisor in IPB (Dr. Sudrajat and Dr. Utut Widyastuti). Professor Suharsono also discussed the possibility of cooperation between SupAgro or Agropolis (Consortium of research institutions and agricultural college) of Montpellier and IPB by holding discussions with Dr. Didier Pillot (Coordinator of the Agris Mundus, SupAgro), Dr. Dominique This (SupAgro) and Dr. Pascal Montoro (CIRAD). The visit is being funded by the Agris Mundus, IPB and Department of Biology (Ivan PP, translator).

 Figure 1. Dr. Pascal Montoro (CIRAD, Montpellier, France) was explained to Professor Suharsono (Department of Biology IPB) on the progress of the research on transgenic rubber in Greenhouse, CIRAD.

Figure 2. After discussion session (SupAgro - IPB initiation), Montpellier (France). From left to right: Dr. Didier Pillot (Agris Mundus, SupAgro), Dr. Dominique This (SupAgro), Prof. Suharsono (IPB), and Dr. Pascal Montoro (CIRAD).


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