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Newly Graduated from Dept Biology IPB, Sumihartati Wins Indonesia Research and Innovation Fair

  • 30 September 2023
  • Last modified at 30 September 2023

Sumihartati Simbolon, an alumnus of IPB University from the Department of Biology who graduated in August 2023, won 1st place in the "Indonesia Research and Innovation Fair 2023" competition in the Life and Nature Sciences category. The award was given directly by the Chair of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Laksana Tri Handoko in Cibinong, Bogor, 23/9.

The research results presented by Sumihartati related to the search for new antibiotic candidates from actinomycetes isolated from Muna Island soil. He explained that this new antibiotic is for the treatment of infectious diseases caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria. According to him, the phenomenon of antibiotic resistance is often found in the world, including in Indonesia.

Tati presented the results of her thesis research regarding the potential of soil actinomycetes as antibacterial producers. The title of the research is Screening Antibacterial Activity Against Multi-Drug Resistant Bacteria and Identification of Soil Actinomycetes Isolated from Muna Island, Southeast Sulawesi.

"After getting the grand award in the Life and Nature Science category, I definitely felt happy, moved and felt relieved because the preparations I had made were blessed. I also want to thank my two thesis supervisors, Jepri Agung Priyanto, MSi and Dr M Eka Prastya. "Also thank you to my family, friends and friends who have always supported me until I got to this point," said Sumihartati.

The 2023 Indonesia Research and Innovation Fair competition is organized by the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN). This competition is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students who graduate within one year of the registration timeline. This competition was not only attended by Indonesian students from within the country, but also by students studying abroad. The large number of interested and competitive participants is not an easy challenge.

"After passing the final, the finalists are required to prepare presentations and posters in English, which is a challenge for me, who is not proficient in speaking. "We were also challenged to take part in a fairly intensive question and answer session with a panel of judges from various field backgrounds," added Sumihartati, who is familiarly called Tati.

She admitted that the other finalists had also cool research results, so the competition was very tight. She hopes that the achievements obtained can motivate other people to dare to enter the research field.

“I also hope that the results of this research will have a positive impact on society. "The hope for BRIN is that we will continue to hold this event every year so that young researchers will be more enthusiastic and challenged to create new innovations that have an impact on society," she concluded. (IAAS/Res)

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