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Congratulations and Success

  • 14 November 2023
  • Last modified at 14 November 2023

Congratulations and Success

FMIPA IPB G-awarding Award Winners 2023:

1. Prof.Dr.Ir. RR. Dyah Perwitasari, M.Sc
Lecturer with the highest citation of reputable international scientific article

2. Dr. Dra. Nisa Rachmania, M.Si
Lecturer with the highest patent number and prospective 2023 

3. Departemen Biologi, FMIPA, IPB
Best Conference/Workshop/Symposium Organizer, Departemen Penyelenggara Seminar/Workshop/Symposium Terbaik, dan Department with the best achievement of IKU 6 and 8 

4. Indah Tasya Nabila
Most Valuable Athlete

5. Rizki Maulana Yusuf
Best Participant on Kemendikbud Achievement Goals

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