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Five Biology Department Students Attended the IPB Student Management Leadership Training

  • 22 December 2014
  • Last modified at 21 April 2015

Sunday, December  21st, 2014 commonly was a holiday for most people but not for five students from Biology Department who joined IPB student management leadership training. Arnian, Rezki, Fadli, Apip Nurul and Suci spent their weekend for something meaningful and valuable for their future. They attended the first row of The Student Management Leadership Training (Latihan Kepemimpinan Manajemen Mahasiswa/LKMM) which was held by IPB Student Directorate in Santa Monica 1 Hotel in Pancawati, Caringin, Bogor.  Suci was the representative of Student Regiment while the others were from Biology Department Faculty of Science IPB.
Mafrikhul Muttaqin M.Si.  came earlier a day before as a representative from Biology Department Student Commission. Together with The Student Commission and the advisor of IPB students' units, they had Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) application training in education subject and also discussion about student activity programs inside IPB campus.

On Sunday, the group of students (the representative of the units and IPB-LK) departed from IPB campus to the destination around 05:30. “I am so grateful for being able to meet some students activist that had given contributions to the campus to establish a better Indonesia” one of the students, Suci Aulia expressed. Beautiful mountain scenery and welcome foods greeted them as they arrived at the destination.

The first section of LKMM was opened by Dr. Ir. Rinekso Soekmadi, M.Sc. F. Trop the Director of IPB Students. He said the program was one of IPB target implementation to prepare and create students that can change IPB as well as Indonesia to the better future.  Following material was entrepreneur directed by Garuda Preneur Corp. giving some introduction to the students to face the Asean Economic Society (Masyarakat Ekonomi Asean/MEA). This material seems trigger IPB Student as the central of Indonesian agricultural academia to dream about establishing career as successful business people that can enhance the image of local Indonesian commodity in the world.

The next material was presented by dr. Stefanus Issac Tamzil, one of 39 people who got a privilege to teach Business Consulting and Fundamental NLP of Santa Cruz Univeristy-USA around the world. “He showed a fun easy learning leadership program which made the students attracted and discussed the material over and over again in their “whassap” group until midnight” Apip said. Even though Mr. Stefanus only presented one topic, yet he gave great contribution to the LKMM students. Hopefully the five representative students will be able to be the great leader for IPB Biology Department as well as Indonesia.

Finally, the first LKMM ended at 15:00 and was planned to be held next year with similar interesting topic like this year.

So, see you next time! 


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