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Sendok Hitam, Java Cobra (Naja sputatrix)

  • 1 April 2015
  • Last modified at 21 April 2015

Sputatrix or Java Cobra Naja is a high venomous snakes. This snake could be hemotoksik or damaging blood cells and also neurotoxic or damaging nerve cells. In addition,in endangered situation, this snakes could spray its venom to crippled its opponent. Javanese people called this snake as a spoon snake for neck that could be flattened shape resembles a spoon when threatened.
Actively foraging at night (nocturnal) and live in the ground (terrestrial). Small mammals, lizards, and amphibians is a its natural diet. Although it is very dangerous to humans, but its presence should be preserved because these animals could maintained the balance of the ecosystem. Its role in controlling the rat is very beneficial for farmers. (Arma Adita Kartika)

(Hirmas FP, translator)

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