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Dr. Mashuri Waite, PhD: Some Goats are Pests in Hawai

  • 5 May 2015
  • Last modified at 11 May 2015

Dr. Mashuri Waite, PhD, University of Hawai, have a long research experience related to ecology of small islands in Hawai. He talked his experience in Guest Lecture Seminar held by Plant Biology Study Program at Tuesday, 28th April 2015 in International Seminar Room, Lv 4, FPIK IPB. More than 50 participants attended this seminar, include some of Department of Biology lecturers. According to him, some of islands in Hawai have lost some of their native organism including plants. Dr. Mashuri Waite, PhD, who also have work in leaf photosynthesis, explained that it lost probably related to human colonization in the island. When human started colonized the island, their needs in meat also made an impact to environment. In fact, wild goat that uncommonly found in Indonesia was considered as pest in the island. They eats some of cultivated plants and wild plant. Some of wild cow also treated as pest because of their grazing habit. Some people in the island commonly put the fence surrounding of their land to restrict that animals movement.  

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