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More Medals in 2015 ON MIPA - PT

  • 28 May 2015
  • Last modified at 30 May 2015


Department of Biology-IPB got another achievement this year. This time at the Olimpiade Nasional Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam - Perguruan Tinggi (ON MIPA - PT) 2015 or 2015 Mathematics and Natural Sciences National Olympiads - College Level, Biology field, as many as four IPB students won medals. At the event that held at Pullman Surabaya City Center, Mashudi won gold medal. The Silver Medal successfully grabbed by Muhammad Fadhil Amin and Ekky Ilham Romadhona. Meanwhile, in this event Muhammad Umar Said Muksini, again, won a Bronze Medal. He also got the same medal at previous ON MIPA event. In addition, at the previous ON MIPA, Biology team won 3 medals composed of one Gold Medal and two Bronze Medals. Here is a list of students and medals obtained in ON MIPA 2015 (24-27 May 2015):

  1. EKKY ILHAM ROMADHONA (Silver Medal)
  2. MASHUDI (G34110006) (Gold Medal)
  4. MUHAMMAD FADHIL AMIN (G34110083) (Silver Medal, 1st position)
  5. WENANG MAHARSIWI (G34130013)

Chairman of Biology mentor team, Dr. Berry Juliandi M.Si., in his Facebook account said thank you for the team hardwork. Also, Department of Biology officially congratulate for team achievement: "well done on making us proud. Your accomplishments are indeed no mean feat".

Department of Biology  also officially congratulate RATIH TRESNASIH and DERY ERMAWAN MASYUDI (Department of Chemistry IPB) for their ON-MIPA Honorable Mention title . Moreover, congratulation to ACHMAD GUS FAHMI (Department of Chemistry IPB) who won Bronze Medal.  

In this event, IPB sent a team commposed by Biology team and Chemistry team that accompanied by Mafrikhul Muttaqin M.Si. and Budi Arifin M.Si. (Department of Chemistry-IPB). Dr. Ir. Rinekso Soekmadi, M.Sc.F.Trop (Directore of IPB-Student Affairs Directorate) and Dr. Kiagus Dahlan (vice dean of FMIPA-IPB) also attend at the event.

Congratulation! Thank you for the cooperation of all parties that support the success of this team.

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