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Field Study 2015

  • 3 August 2015
  • Last modified at 12 August 2015

Field studies (SL) of the Department of Biology, FMIPA, IPB had been going well for 3 days, 28 to 30 July 2015 in the area of Jatiluhur Dam, Purwakarta. Theme of SL 2015 is Observation of Biodiversity in the Forest Stands of Jatiluhur Dam. This activity was followed by 98 students of S1 Biology class ‘50, which are divided into 32 groups, supervised by one lecturer for every group. Observation region consists of four zones, i.e., zone Jatiluhur Dam water bodies, ekoton zone, zone of mixed garden (near Jatiluhur Dam outlet), and artificial vegetation zones.

Day I of SL is filled to briefing about Jatiluhur Dam, by Dra. Sri Nastiti Adriani, MS, researcher from Research Institute for Restoration and Conservation of Fish Resources (BP2KSI), and preparation and initial surveys by SL groups. Second day filled to observation activities (research), and Familiarity Night event. Then,Day III, final observation and return to Bogor. Familiarity night event had been featuring  the introduction of the Department of Biology faculties profil, and student creativity (music, stand up comedy, and awards for faculty and students), which is preceded by remarks of  Head Department of Biology, Dr. Iman Rusmana, and remarks from representative of Perum Jasa Tirta II (PJT II) as managing company of Jatiluhur Dam. Activity series of SL was aimed to educate and trained students to be able to apply the concepts of biology that was obtained in lectures and gained general knowledge about the management of biological resources. (HFP)

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