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More Aware and Care One Another

  • 16 May 2016
  • Last modified at 22 May 2016

On Wednesday, May 4 2016, Supporting staff of Department of Biology had a journey to go to Tidung Island. This is regular event participated by all staff (about 25 participants) six monthly, and for the first time we deciding to take a fieldtrip to this island. We started our trip at 4 a.m. from Kampus IPB Baranangsiang by bus. Unfortunately, we had a problem with my bus we are inside in, the driver could not find the right way and lead us to misdirection. Therefore, we come late, for about 3 hours we spent on the road. Then, we finally arrived to Muara Angke port before transited with ship. We spent another 3 hours on the ship, after that we finally stepped our foot in the Tidung Island.

Once reaching to the destination, we directly checked-in to the homestay. The location was so close to the beach enabled us to enjoy the stunning view. Some people took their gadget out, and started to take a picture. “Regardless how old you are now, you can find happiness in every picture you documented”, they said. We had a lunch and prepare ourselves to the next agenda, “snorkeling time”. We went to the best hotspot to saw underwater ecosystem. That place was so amazing, we could find life coral, sponge, algae, colorful coral fish, and many other. The Guide was offering us to capture the fabulous moment with underwater camera he prepared before. After that, we came back to our homestay and continuing the agendas: barbeque, karaoke, fishing, and cycling around the island.

As a newcomer, I enjoy this event a lot. More importantly, we could learn and understand our colleague’s personalities better than before. This also to be main goal of this fieldtrip, we could share our experiences, more aware and care one another. Then, we could collaborate to increase our productivity in workplace.



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