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Let's Make a Better World with Fungi

  • 25 August 2016
  • Last modified at 1 September 2016

On August 12th 2016, Prof Norihiro Shimomura (Tottori University) visited Department of Biology, Bogor Agricultural University. He is also researcher of Fungus/Mushroom Resource and Research Center (FMRC) in Japan. As he said : Aim of Division of Mushroom Cultivation of FMRC is to enhance the value of the genetic resources of mushrooms by artificially cultivating the fruiting bodies of a wide variety of useful mushrooms. The research includes screening strains that show a high production of fruiting bodies using various substrates such as grain residues and lignocellulose materials. It also includes increasing the nutritive values and functional components in fruiting bodies by modifying the cultivation substrates. Moreover, another aim is to produce fruiting bodies of mycorrhizal mushrooms by artificially constructing symbiotic associations with hosts. These studies would allow us to stably supply the fruiting bodies of useful mushrooms, leading to the increased use of the genetic resources of mushrooms and the development of novel pharmaceuticals. On this Seminar he also explain about Rhizopogon basidiospore germination. The seminar were attended by Staff of Biology (Prof Lisdar I Sudirman, Prof Okky Setyawati, Dr Sri Listiyowati, Dr Nampiah, and Ivan Permana Putra MSi), Staff of Indonesian Institute of Sciences, and also undergraduate and post graduate student of Biology. There were so many questions from participant, and discussions went very well. The students said that the seminar was very helpful for them to enhance their knowledge about mycology.(IPP)

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