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KU - IPB Student Exchange: Student Activities

  • 4 September 2016
  • Last modified at 13 September 2016

Seven undergraduate students of the Department of Biology participating fall semester program in the International Program of Bioscience and Technology, Faculty of Science, Kasetsart University (KU), Thailand. The program that started from 8 August until 20 December 2016 is also participated by Nong Lam University (Vietnam) students.

The student have several works to do such as academic, research, and other activity. The student take some courses, i.e, Introduction to Biotechnology, Introduction to Molecular Genetics, and Introduction to Genetic Engineering. Related to research work, the student are doing some lab research in KU in the field of genetic, zoology, evolution, microbes, and plant tissue culture. In addition, seminar, culture, and sightseeing also become part of their activities.

Here is list of the name of student and their research work.

1. Sumiati G34140024. Cloning and transformation of avirulence gene from rice blast fungus. Supervised by Prof. Dr. Chatchawan Jantasuriyarat

2. Yulita Dwiningsih G34130060. Extract DNA from Ancient Bones. Supervised by Dr. Wunrada Surat

3. Sheila kharismadewi G34130102. Whip spider. Supervised by Dr. Apisit Thipaksorn

4. Tamara Yunike G34130110. Bioactive compound (peptide) in african and apple snail mucus. Supervised by Dr Promote Chumnanpuen

5. Sri Rezeki Wulandari G34140099. Diversity and evolutionary history of repetitive sequences in vertebrates. Supervised by Dr. Kornsorn Srikulnath

6. Fitri Vidhya Sari  G34130049. Identification and diversity of actynomycetes. Supervised by Dr.Kannika Duangmal

7. Refa Adzani G34130048. Jatropha curcas transformation and tissue culture. Supervised by Dr. Sompid


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