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  • 14 June 2017
  • Last modified at 10 July 2017

Biology on Science and Application (BIONIC) is one of the annual programs held by Himpunan Mahasiswa Biologi of Insitut Pertanian Bogor supervised by the Biosains division. The activities of BIONIC 2017 include national seminar, essay competition aimed at high school students, scientific paper competition aimed at varsity students, and scientific workshop focused on post-mining field restoration as the main theme. BIONIC 2017 was held for two days from 13th until 14th of May 2017. Both essay and scientific paper finalist presentations were held on the first day, at the same time as the workshop which was held at another venue. The registration for the essay competition started at 08.30 AM. The essay competition was joined by seven participants and each were given 15 minutes to present their work and have Q&A session. The scientific paper competition, which started at 11.00 AM, were participated by ten groups of contestants. Each group were given 15 minutes to present their work and have Q&A session. Both competitions ended at 02.00 PM.

The registration and briefing for the workshop were both held on the same day at Ruang Baca Departemen Biologi (Reading Room Department of Biology) starting from 08.00 AM until 08.45 AM. The workshop saw 20 participants, in addition to three field assistants. The mobilization towards Arboretum Lanskap took 15 minutes, and the field activity was completed at 11.15 AM. The workshop was concluded at 02.00 PM followed by certificate and placard awarding as a gesture of appreciation for the field guide as well as participants at Reading Room.

The Gala Dinner was held at the Auditorium FMIPA Institut Pertanian Bogor from 07.00 PM until 09.00 PM and was attended by the participants as well as the commitee. The dinner was held with the intention to provide entertainment and form a bond between the participants and the committee. The dinner was commenced with tilawah, opening ceremony by the MC, musical poetry, welcoming speech by the Head of the Committee and lecturer representative. The event was then followed by supper, live performances, games and lastly closed by the MC.

The national seminar was held on day two of BIONIC 2017 at Auditorium CCR and was joined by 163 participants. In the seminar, the participants had the opportunity to hear from four renowned speakers who were as following: Dr. Achmad Sjarmidi (Lecturer at School Of Life Sciences and Technology Institut Teknologi Bandung), Yohanes Panurian (Planning Production and Control Dept. Head of PT. Indocement Tunggal Tbk), Dr. Ir. Irdika Mansur M. For. Sc (Lecturer at Faculty of Forestry Institut Pertanian Bogor), Eko Purnomo, ST (Manager of Mine Reclamation PT. Semen Indonesia Persero Tbk). Participants were able to register in front of the Gymnasium where BioExpo was held. Activities on the second day included the seminar from the four speakers, live performances, announcement of the competition winners and closing ceremony at 04.00 PM.

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