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3 Students of Plant Biology Study Program Attending I-KUSTARS

  • 3 July 2017
  • Last modified at 11 July 2017

The 9th International Kasetsart University Science and Technology Annual Research Symposium or I-KUSTARS is a prestigious event for students or lecturers in disseminating and informing their research results at international forums. I-KUSTAR is an International Level conference with the theme "Theory, Methodology and Applications of Natural Science and Applied Science" is one of a series of major events Faculty of Science, Kasetsart University in communicating the results of research through Scientific forums. The symposium was held in Bangkok on June 1-3, 2017.

I-KUSTARS Oral presentation participants were: Indonesia (7 students from IPB and 2 students from UGM), Thailand, Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Lecturer of Biology Department (Dr. Nisa Rachmania Mubarik) and Graduate Student of Plant Biology, Department of Biology (Miftahul Huda Fendiyanto, Rizky Dwi Satrio, and Turhadi) also communicate the results of their research in this scientific forum. The topics that is presented to I-KUSTARS 2017 include: "Potential Bacteria as Biological Control and Biological Fertilizer Used in Agricultural Applications" by Mrs Nisa; "Promoter Motif Differences Cause Different Expression Level of OsGERLP Gene in Aluminum Tolerant and Sensitive Rice" by Fendi; "Morpho-physiological Characteristics of Indonesian Rice Cultivar under Drought Stress Condition" by Rio; and "Variation of Iron Tolerance Level and Mechanism of Several Rice Genotypes" by Turhadi.

Students of Biology Department besides having a role to contribute to the international conference event, they could interact with the other students from KU through the poster presentation. Participation of participants from the Bogor Agricultural University in the 9th International Kasetsart University Science and Technology Annual Research Symposium (I-KUSTARS) in Bangkok, Thailand, can be a good opportunity for Biology students to communicate their research results internationally.

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