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The 2017 Field Study: Mekarsari Fruit Garden

  • 8 August 2017
  • Last modified at 10 August 2017

This year, the 4th-semester students of the Department of Biology carried out the 2017 Field Study (Study Lapangan) activities at the Mekarsari Fruit Garden (MFG), Cileungsi, Bogor. In the activities held on 25-28 July, the students were divided into various small research groups focusing on various aspects of biology in MFG. In addition to academic activities, the Field Study is also one form of cooperative work between the Department and the MFG.

The first day's activity was started with a welcome party of the entourage of Department of Biology by the TBM. Greg Hambali, the MFG Research and Agronomy Advisor, was pleased to deliver a greeting words by providing an overview of the MFG as well as explaining about how to conduct a good research. Furthermore, Junaidi Saputra, the MFG Production Division, made deliver a presentation about the MFG from various aspects, starting from its history, garden establishment philosophy, to the explanation of various gardens in the MFG. The first day ended with the preparation of research that will be done in the next day.

On the second day, all groups of students scattered in various locations in TBM to do some biological sampling or data gathering. They examined the various biology fields research ranging from microorganism isolation, plant epiphytic observation, anatomical structures and morphology of various plants, MFG carbon stock potential, insect diversity, to the sleep quality of MFG employees. One of the research conducted there was gac seed germination. Gac seed is a seed that comes from the plant named Momordica cochinchinensis, a plant that ccontains protein that able to prevent the proliferation of cancer cells. Engkay, a student who studied gac seeds, said that this is very interesting because of the gac seed, with the beauty of its mosaic structure, proved quite difficult to germinate in the MFG and is still very rarely cultivated in Indonesia. "We are challenged to find out how to find the right way to germinate it," he added.

The third day is the last day for sampling or data that ends with the closing ceremony. In addition to these research activities, we also conducted activities that make bond between lecturers, educational staff, and students stronger, such as, barbeque, campfire, and some competition. "This activity is very beneficial for students, Department of Biology, and also the MFG. The results of the activities will be presented in the form of exhibitions and books "said Dr. Miftahudin, Chairman of the Department of Biology. "This field study will contribute knowledge about the biodiversity of urban-industrial areas (Jonggol and its surroundings) and potential beneficiaries", he continued during the closing ceremony of the event which was also attended by some of top managers of TBM.

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