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Awards for Biologists at the 2017 Asia Pacific Agriculture Undergraduate Project Competition, Taiwan

  • 6 December 2017
  • Last modified at 6 December 2017

Latiful Akbar and Auliya Fikri and his/her team able to get medals at the 2017 Asia Pacific Agriculture Undergraduate Project Competition. The competition is an international paper competition organized by the International College, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST), Taiwan. The participants who joined in this competition are undergraduate students from various majors. The main topic of this competition is agriculture. There are 3 sub-themes, (A) Agriculture and life science (biotechnology, sustainable horticulture production, sustainable livestock and aquaculture production, veterinary medicine, food science and safety), (B) Engineering and Energy (computer science, engineering in agriculture, food engineering, sustainable soil and water development, energy application in agriculture, sensor technology), and (C) Humanities and Management (agriculture economics, big data analysis, agritourism and hospitality, internet of things).

This competition held for 3 days, 23 to 25 November 2017. This event began with an opening ceremony on the campus. Then conducted with tours to several areas in Taiwan such as Sun Moon Lake, Thao Culture Village which introduced Taiwan's culture and diversity to the participants. The second day is the main agenda where the participants would deliver their presentation. Presentations are divided according to their respective sub-themes. There are 4 judges from 4 different countries in each sub-themes. The total participants are 38 best teams who have passed the paper selection, then presented at NPUST. The team came from 8 different countries. There are Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Budapest, Jamaica, and the Philippines. Each team presented their work and innovation, followed by the questions and answers session by the judges.

The awarding night held at Dream More Hall Restaurant, Kaohsiung. The awards consist of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Winner, Best Oral Presentation, Best Content Award, and Best PowerPoint Award. This award is given in each sub-themes. Bogor Agricultural University team won the 1st prize in each sub-themes. Sub-theme of A (Agriculture and life science) was won by the team of Andriyani Prasetiyowati (Nutrition and Feed Technology), Yoga Rivaldi (Veterinary Medicine), and Latiful Akbar (Biology). Sub-theme of B (Engineering and Energy) was won by the team of Deli Situmorang (Agroindustrial Technology) and Fransisca Simanjuntak (Soil Science and Land Resources). Sub-theme of C (Humanities and Management) was won by the team of Latiful Akbar (Biology), Andriyani Prasetiyowati (Nutrition Science and Feed Technology), and Auliya Fikri (Biology). Bogor Agricultural University teams also won the 2nd, 3rd winner, and several awards in the various sub-themes. This success could motivate the students in order to give the innovation for the advancement of Indonesia agriculture.

The 2017 Asia Pacific Agriculture Undergraduate Project Competition supports the development of agriculture potential in the world. As agriculture students, we must be able to become a role player in the developing agriculture and contribute to optimizing the agricultural resources. So we can achieve the sustainability of Indonesia’s agriculture.

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