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The 2017 Mushroom (Fungi) Feast

  • 27 December 2017
  • Last modified at 27 December 2017

Department of Biology held the Mushroom (Fungi) Feast on Friday, December 22, 2017. The annual event held at Bio Corner Department of Biology featured processed foods and beverages made from mushrooms. There were more than five food types made and exhibited by Undergraduate Student in Biology Batch 53 such as mushroom milkshakes, mushroom teriyaki, avalanche shitake, mushroom satay, float cake, funny bunny cup mush, blue morning Pleurotus cakes, and others. In fact, not only various mushroom used in this event, the other organism in the kingdom of fungi also used as food raw materials as well as ingredients. This party was one of activity in Lab Practice of the Biodiversity of Fungi course. 

"This course does not only describe the diversity of fungi and its life cycle but also teaches students about the benefits of it in various aspects of life, such as the food". Sumiati said as a Lab Practice assistant. Mega, a student, said that this activity made the student explore more ideas related to the fungi and food diversification as a part to support the food security in Indonesia. 


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