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Guest Lecture: Biogaib

  • 25 September 2018
  • Last modified at 26 September 2018

"We can not see them, but they have their roles impacted to the humanity", Prof. Dr. I Nyoman Pugeg Aryantha, said it in a guest lecture event at the Biology Conference Room (Ruang Sidang Utama) in the Department of Biology (21/09). "We called them 'biogaib', a life groups that are so tiny and cannot be observed directly with the naked eye, or in shorts, the microbes", he added. That introductory speech has opened the lecture event hosted by Dr. Ir. Yulin Lestari (Microbiology Division).

In the lecture that is the part of World Class Professor Program Scheme A Trop BRC – IPB in collaboration with Department of Biology, FMIPA, IPB, he delivered the definition of biogaib, the history of early life, and the advantages and disadvantages of biogaib. He mentioned that the biogaib, or the microbes, has been played a vital role in life since the early days of life on the earth. Next, he explained the Cyanobacteria cells, the creatures were the scientists believed is the first organism who carry out the photosynthesis process to produce the oxygen.  "The oxygen availability leads to the changing in the atmosphere gas composition and makes the lifeform rose in no time", he described.

In addition to the earth early stage, he illustrated the advantages and disadvantages of the microbes for human life, especially in the field of food, health, energy, and environment. He clarified that the pros and cons of the microbes for human also required a comprehensive understanding of what these microbes really are.

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