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Introducing Biopori, Citizens of Babakan Kembar, Situ Gunung Ready to Dig Some Holes

  • 12 July 2019
  • Last modified at 2 August 2019

"This introduction is very useful. Our residents are excited to see the demonstration given, "said Juarma, the chairman of Babakan Kembar, Gede Pangrango Village, Kadudampit located in Situ Gunung area.

Located at Babakan Kembar, several lecturers and students from bachelor, master, and doctoral degree in the Department of Biology met with residents for biopori socialization (03/07). Biopori is a cylindrical infiltration hole that is made vertically into the soil aimed at overcoming puddles by increasing the water absorption capacity in the soil. This IPB University innovation was introduced as a part of community service in the Field Study activities (2-4 July). This activity was led by Dr.Dra. Nisa Rachmania M.Si, a microbiologist, who also lectured some material on biological fertilizers.

This activity was closed with a few brief discussions and biopori making tools giving.

"We are ready to make as many holes as possible," welcomed one of the residents at the end of the activity.
In addition to the Babakan Kembar visit, the Biology Department also held counseling for volunteers working in Situ Gunung and several surrounding residents in the Situ Gunung Tourism Information Center (TIC) office. They listened to the presentation of stingless bee cultivation and conducted hands-on practice in handling its hive. This activity was delivered by Dr.Ir. Rika Raffiudin M.Si., a bee expert at the Department of Biology.

Other community service activities include donations of books to one of the PAUD (early childhood education program) institutions in the village of Gede Pangrango. On this occasion, PAUD management welcomed the presence of various books from lecturers and students in the Department of Biology.

The three activities are part of the contribution from the Department of Biology, IPB University to the community. In addition to lecturers and undergraduate students participating in the Field Study, this activity is special because it can be attended by several Graduate students within the Department of Biology.

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