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SMA Negeri 1 Tanjungpandan and MA Muhammadiyah Gantung, Belitung, exploring Biodiversity

  • 14 November 2019
  • Last modified at 14 November 2019

Department of biology has implemented a community services program held on Wednesday, October 23, 2019, in SMA Negeri 1 Tanjungpandan, Belitung. This event was hosted by Hirmas Fuady Putra, M.Si (Division of Ecology and Plant Resources), who is an alumnus of that school.

The activity began by introducing the profile of the IPB University and Biology Department including campus activities, curriculum, and profiles of lecturer in general, by Dr. Miftahudin, Head, Department of Biology.

On this occasion, the Department of Biology taught the students about the importance of conserving and exploring of Belitung biodiversity.  

At least 3 lecturers were involved in this activity, Dr. Rika Raffiudin introduces the diversity and cultivation techniques of Belitung Stingless bee. The enthusiasm of students increases when they are taught about the morphometric of human faces presented by Dr. Berry Juliandi. The students practicing how to analyze the average of human face patterns by capturing 5 students as samples, and analyzed by using the software.

In addition, students also practice observing the microscopic structures of plants and insects using a portable microscope, together with Dr. Triadiati.

Community service activities also continued on Tuesday, October 29, 2019, at MA Muhammadiyah, East Belitung. The arrival of the Department of Biology at the school was welcomed with traditional dances performed by high school students.

Besides Dr. Triadiati, Dr. Nisa Rachmania and Dr. Kanthi Arum Widayati also explained Biopori and BioBlitz. Biopori is a simple technology to improve water absorption in the soil, while Bioblitz is a method of natural biodiversity exploration, which can be done periodically, monthly, per season, or per time.


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