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Department of Biology IPB, Inaugurates 2 Field Research Stations in Belitung

  • 14 November 2019
  • Last modified at 14 November 2019

In collaboration between the Department of Biology, Monitoring Center Sustainable Tourism Observatory (MCSTO) IPB, and Belitong Geopark, 2 field research stations have been officially inaugurated by Head of Department of Biology, Dr. Ir. Miftahudin.

In Hutan Kerangan Cendil, Dr. Miftahudin and Hirmas Fuady Putra, M.Si planted Renggadaian trees (Ploiarium alternifolium) as a symbolic ceremony to officially launched this area. This ceremony was also attended by the citizen, Karang Taruna Community, Participants of Summer Course Bio-Geology of Belitong Geopark 2019 from 7 countries, as well as high school and junior high school students. Biodiversity of Kerangas Cendil forests will be the focus of research objects, one of which is the diversity of insectivorous plants.


The Department of Biology has also inaugurated another field station, the Bukit Peramun Geosite, on October 26, 2019. Besides being able to be developed as a tourism object, this area can also be developed as a flora and fauna conservation spot. This geosite has diverse primate species including the smallest primate (Tarsius), Lutung and other primates including leaf-eating and fruit-eating primates. Conservation of the habitat is very important to conserve the existence of these animals.


"Research on conservation, biodiversity exploration and sustainable tourism in the Bukit Peramun area will be more intensely carried out by the Department of Biology by involving students, national and international researchers" Said Hirmas Fuady Putra, M.Si, Chairman of MCSTO IPB.


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