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Dr. Iman Rusmana Introduced Microbial Prospects, KKNI and KOBI to University of Bengkulu

  • 10 February 2020
  • Last modified at 10 February 2020

Dr. Ir. Iman Rusmana (Division of Microbiology), has been invited by Biology Study Program, University of Bengkulu to share his experience and knowledge in academic and research field through guest lecture and workshop.

In a guest lecture, he talked about Microbes : Development and its application on food, health aspect and conservation of tropical biodiversity. The students were enthusiastic following his material. “We hope the information obtained will provide many benefits for us, specially for our students to motivate them and give many information about microbiology and their roles in our life’’ Rizki said, one of the guest lecture committee.

In a workshop, Dr. Iman Rusmana has also been invited as a reviewer to share about KKNI (Kerangka Kualifikasi Nasional Indonesia) and KOBI (Konsorsium Biologi Indonesia)-based curriculum in biology study program which are important to provide the scheme and strategy to integrate the academic courses and job needs.

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