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To provide a clean and comfortable campus, Dept. Biology Initiate “Bioclean”

  • 10 February 2020
  • Last modified at 10 February 2020

Cleanliness and comfort are important factors that must be maintained and considered to provide a condusif campus activity. The key to creating a clean, healthy and comfortable campus environment is the awareness of all campus residents, both lecturers, education staff and students.

To support and create a clean and comfortable campus, the Department of Biology and Biology Student Association (Himabio) is holding Bioclean. Through this program, the entire academic community works together to clean up the campus environment, including laboratories, classrooms, lecturer rooms, and bio-parks.

"Bioclean is an important joint activity carried out to instill a sense of shared responsibility between students and all biology staff to maintain campus cleanliness and comfort.", Said Hirmas Fuadi Putra, M.Sc, facility and infrastructure commission.

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