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Controlling Pandemic, IPB, Belitung Reg Gov, Nottingham Univ Are Formulating Joint Research Program

  • 11 June 2020
  • Last modified at 11 June 2020

The Government of Belitung Regency (Pemkab) held an online meeting with the Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) IPB University and the University of Nottingham, England (4/6). This event was conducted in order to formulate joint research program in Belitung. Aside from being attended by the board of the Department of Biology, Faculty of Matchematics and Natural Sciences IPB University, and the official representatives of Belitung Regency Government, this forum was also attended by several stakeholders from the United Kingdom, including: Dr. Jason Feehily (Director of Knowledge Exchange), Dr. Bagus Muljadi (Director of Indonesia Doctoral Training Partnership), Dr. Sally Zhou (Asia Business Center UoN), and Ms. Rebekah King (Communication Officer of the Indonesian Doctoral Training Partnership). 

"The meeting was discussed a further collaboration of the three parties in term of joint research project, that raised the motion about " Resilience Againts Pandemic ". This collaborative project, aims to find the best model of regional resilience in facing the possibility of pandemic in the neae far future. The involvement of national and international researchers in this project will provide a multidisciplinary approach in realizing the resilience level of the region. Thus, it is expected that Belitung region will become a comprehensive model area for its resiliency in facing the pandemic, "said Chairman of the Department of Biology, IPB University, Dr. Miftahudin. 

He further explained that, this project will use funding from various parties stream, ranging from the Indonesian government, the British government, universities, local governments, and industries for the betterment of the research results downstreaming agenda. The three respective parties was firmly stated at the meeting in regard to their readiness and it will immediately make a detailed matrix of their implementation alongside with the required documents. "Hopefully, the mutual goals of realizing Belitung as a resilient region and its geting stronger in facing the pandemic, can be  achieved in the near far future," he added. (IAAS/RI)

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