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The 3rd Summer Course on Biogeology of Belitong Geopark

  • 16 September 2020
  • Last modified at 18 November 2020

Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences,  IPB University cordially invite you to join The 3rd Summer Course : The Bio-geology of Belitong Geopark

This program offers a particularly unique opportunity for understanding the relationship between biological diversity and geological diversity of various geosites in Belitong island. 


Many notable experts will join as facilitator to give step-by-step guide in observing bio-geo-diversity (blended online and offline activities)


Date : 30th November -12th December 2020


Explore, observe, and discuss the following topics with notable experts.

1. Field study on biodiversity of coastal and wetland area 

2. Intensive courses on tropical marine biodiversity 

3. Study on the environmental impact of mining 

4. International students competition in scientific presentation


Free of Charge 



Online Course Materials, Program Book, E-certificate


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