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Department of Biology-IPB University Held International Scientifc Presentation Competition

  • 22 December 2021
  • Last modified at 22 December 2021

Growing knowledge and science have always been discussed as solutions to face any problem in society. Particularly in the last century, where molecular science is growing fast, its innovation serves as saviours or catastrophes for nature and humanity. The future people need to understand and design the problem solving to reach the sustainable development goals (SDGs) that give maximum results with minimum impacts to the world. Based on this background of thinking, the Department of Biology, IPB University, held International Scientific Presentation Competition: MOSHUEL (Molecular Science and Human Welfare). This event integrated with the 4th Summer Course on Biology 2021: "Bioscience Camp Indonesia to the World: Molecular Science for Climate Change and Sustainable Living".


The competition was aimed to (1) evaluate the participants' knowledge in understanding the role of basic molecular science in various fields of applied science; (2) measure participants' understanding in identifying and analysing the richness of Indonesia's and the world's biological biodiversity which can be used as the basis for developing innovations and molecular science technology for sustainable use; (3) design and simulate innovative ideas and molecular science technology to answer the challenges of Indonesian and international SDGs.


Integrated with the 4th Summer Course on Biology 2021, the participants of MOSHUEL experience the international study's atmosphere, collaboration project, hands-on workshop, virtual tour and interactive dialogue with experts. The primary, advanced, and creative knowledge that the participants gained during the Summer Course has been an idea to create a solution in science and SDGs through (a) biotechnology as well as (b) ecosystem and adaptation.


The competition was held in three phases: (1) intensive competition workshop for IPB University students, which followed by 10 IPB student participants, (2) enrolment in the 4th Summer Course on Biology 2021 (29 participants of the competition; 12 abroad, nine nationals non-IPB University, and eight IPB University participants), and (3) essay submission with 18 titles that lead to 6 finalists of the competition). MOSHUEL also supported by reputable scientific coaches such as: Dr Sarah Nila from University College London, UK, Dr Eneng Nunuz Rohmatullayaly from Padjadjaran University and Jepri Agung Priyanto, M.Si from IPB University, Indonesia. Judges at this competition were experts in molecular science and bio-anthropologist Dr Wolly Chandramila from Tanjungpura University, Indonesia and International SDGs practitioners Yani Saloh, MSc from Permian Global, UK.


MOSHUEL 2021 gave nine awards in total, whereas IPB University students won three achievements in this competition. First winner on science and SDGs through biotechnology, Anggitha Tambunan. Third winner on science and SDGs through Rafli Renhar. Favourite and best participant, Mutiara Nur Pratiwi. We hope that achievements, pieces of knowledge, and idea solutions gathered from this international scientific competition event can directly be helpful and give an advantage to the local society in Indonesia and global.

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